Firefox 3 Beta 2 in Rawhide

Martin Stransky stransky at
Thu Dec 20 08:22:46 UTC 2007


Firefox 3 has finally landed in Rawhide. It's a slightly unpolished
version and we appreciate if you test it and report all issues to
bugzilla (like missing locales, broken plugins and so on).

If you're interested and don't want to switch to rawhide, you can run
Firefox 3 on Fedora 8, too. Just download and compile the latest
xulrunner (xulrunner-1.9-0.beta2.1.fc9) and then compile and install
firefox from rawhide.

There's one side effect of this update. The former firefox-devel package
has been removed from rawhide and gecko-libs 1.8 is no more shipped. All
packages have to run with xulrunner (gecko-libs 1.9) now.

If you're a package maintainer and your package already uses xulrunner,
please rebuild it against the new rawhide version. Xulrunner directory
has been changed and many gecko packages (if not all) are linked with
--rpath linker directive. As long as rpath is used you have to rebuild
gecko-libs based packages after each xulrunner change so please consider
to remove it. Gecko libraries are registered system wide by
/etc/ and rpath should not be necessary in rawhide.

Happy testing&hacking! :)


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