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Re: simplistic questions about core/extras merge

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:52:23 +0100, Goede, J.W.R. de wrote:

> I'm glad people agree, now it would really help if people
> would stop asking @redhat.com people to open-up as if this
> is a unilateral thing, things need to come from two side
> both from the @redhat.com people and from us. 
> Hence I would like to see other FE contributers to join my
> offer to help out @redhat.com with specific bz id's or
> specific packages which which the @redhat.com people feel
> comfortable opening up / could really use help with.

There's a long thread about that on one of the community's internal lists.

Eh? What? -- Yes, a lot of things about the Merge are unknown and planned
in closed circles. Joking aside! The community doesn't have an internal
list. But to me it is no surprise that external fedora lists are no
success, when essential communication about Fedora seems to be internal to
Red Hat. Moving packages from internal cvs at Red Hat to Fedora Extras cvs
is not everything. Moving (and closing down) some lists ought to happen,
too, as we are caught in a redundant web of lists, where it is
cross-posted again and again because nobody knows whom to reach in what
place. Package ownership in Core doesn't seem to be clear in all cases
either, as some maintainers have already expressed that they wish to give
a package to somebody else. It is only a matter of time before the
community will learn what packages in the merged set of packages will be
orphaned unless somebody from the community picks them up.

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