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Re: Fedora 7

>>>>> "DZ" == David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> writes:

DZ> Sorry for being direct, but it's a little bit delusional to think
DZ> that just because Core + Extras is getting merged that it's now
DZ> all community controlled.

Well, thanks for deflating the hype.  So, according to you, the hype
about the grand merge with the community is indeed just hype.

Look, either it's going to happen or people need to stop hyping it as
if it is going to happen.  Since both positions are coming out of Red
Hat at the moment and those of us involved in community governance
(i.e. us in FESCo) are still somewhat in the dark, it will be really
nice to see the truth of the situation.

DZ> In other words, I expect Red Hat employees to still be the
DZ> significant contributor for a long long time (would *love* to be
DZ> proved wrong!) and at Red Hat we have, at least, 25 times as many
DZ> people working on the GNOME than the KDE.

So?  My comments weren't about gnome versus kde.  I have no reason to
expect other than that portions of the project which receive the
greater number of developers from wherever in the community will make
the most progress.  My comments are about whether Red Hat plans to be
just a part of the community, and your comments seem to answer than in
the negative.  Which is directly contradictory to what other folks
from Red Hat have been saying.

DZ> There's a reason most successful open source projects have
DZ> benevolent dictators and it's not all a democracy. Thanks.

This statement also contradicts statements from others at Red Hat.  It
would be really nice to know just what is actually going to happen.

 - J<

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