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Re: Fedora 7

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

So?  My comments weren't about gnome versus kde.  I have no reason to
expect other than that portions of the project which receive the
greater number of developers from wherever in the community will make
the most progress.  My comments are about whether Red Hat plans to be
just a part of the community, and your comments seem to answer than in
the negative.  Which is directly contradictory to what other folks
from Red Hat have been saying.

More broadly... Fedora is not a democracy.

Fedora is a meritocracy.

Those who have done good work and the respect of their peers gain greater credibility in the project. These people who have earned trust from others exist at varying levels within the organization help to make decisions.

Red Hat employees just happen to have many inputs into the Fedora Project as part of their regular jobs.

One issue however that I see with this, is historic lack of inter-communication between the RH Desktop team and the community. The recent explosion on fedora-art-list is a salient example of this kind of conflict. A perceived corporate "outsider" who had not attempted to participate in the community prior, appeared suddenly with a heavy-handed power play, attempting to subvert the already in-progress community process. I did not appreciate David's attitude in that instance, and I think David has blown his response in this thread out of proportion.

Really, please folks, just calm down.

Fedora Desktop and Fedora KDE spins.  Is that really so bad?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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