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Re: Updated Firefox 3 Roadmap

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Heiko Adams schrieb:
maybe you've noticed that the mozilla foundation has updates the
planings and the roadmap for firefox 3.
The most interesting fact is, that the release is scheduled at the third
quater 2007. [...]

The most important fact IMHO is: End-of-life for Firefox 1.5.x.y
is April 2007 according to

That's a silly terminology for it. It's not really End-of-life. There will be releases past that point, it's just that they won't be done in the traditional fashion: meaning, no generic binaries posted by mozilla.org. They will follow this strategy for 3.0 and at some future date will do it for 2.0.0.x. There will be releases off 1.5 that several people including myself have signed up to drive.

At least FC6 will then be at the middle of it's lifespan then and sill
have round about 7 months to live. Do we really want to backport
security fixes during all that time? I thought we have a lot to do
already. Sure, those security fixes will be produced for RHEL5 in any
case, but it that really worth the trouble building and testing them for

Why not? They have to get backported anyway, and if there are security bugs, then no matter what there is building and testing just with different versions. In fact, it's probably less work to do it this way because they I can focus on less source bases.

Bottom line is there is nothing new here to me so it doesn't really change my thinking.

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