firewire (juju) (was: any chance to see kernel 2.6.22 for FC6?)

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jul 16 22:48:23 UTC 2007

KH KH wrote:

> Well the problem with 2.6.22 in Fedora Core 6 is that it will bring
> some changes...
> Actually eth1394.ko and libdc1394(-1) applications that are not
> currently compatible with libdc1394-2 (with support for the new
> firewire juju stack) will enter in regression...
> Whereas users can possibly be aware of thoses regressions in Fedora 7,
> some can be surprised of that in Fedora Core 6...
> I don't mean we need to hold kernel update, but how can we prevent
> thoses issues ?

Have you tested the kernel in updates-testing repository and confirmed 
that the issues still exist? Is there any bug reports on these aside 
from the pending package review requests you brought up? If the issues 
still exist we can either fix them or note it in the change log.


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