NOTE: Please publicize any license changes to your packages

Andy Green andy at
Mon Jul 23 06:33:28 UTC 2007

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> sort of automatic file checking would help flag problems.
> In trivial cases such as the GPLv3 change, it could help.
> In cases of packages changing from FOO-license v1.283 to BAR-license
> v32.100 it doesn't. 

Wouldn't it notice the deletion of the FOO-license file at least though
and flag it up?  At least then someone can examine it further, learn
about the change and tell it to track the BAR-license file.

> In cases of packages pointing to web-sites, it

Yes I guess so, although it could wget the URL periodically and hash
that (assuming there are no "today's date" and crud on the page)

> doesn't ... etc. If you try to track these you'll end up with 100s of
> different license tags - This would require the often mentioned
> bureaucracy.
>>   Granted its
>> not going to work for all packages, but it might help a lot in the
>> specific case of entire project codebases transitioning to gpl3 from a
>> previous license.
> If you think so, I disagree. You are driving away contributors from
> fedora, by imposing more and more bureaucracy. If  you really want this

The automated technique is a small burden if it works for most packages.
 Since care is taken about the license to get it into Fedora it is
consistent to take some care about the license after it is in... and
with fun things like "or later" now...


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