Parallel Booting

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Jul 9 19:03:10 UTC 2007

Harald Hoyer (harald at said: 
> With:
> S12syslog
> S13ip6tables
> S13iptables
> S14network
> S25netfs
> S26auditd
> S26messagebus
> S27setroubleshoot
> S55sshd
> S98haldaemon
> S99local
> /etc/rc.d/rc takes:
> 8.5s in normal mode
> 6s in parallel startup

Did you add all the proper dependencies?

>> So, for all this work, we get a 0.6%-1.1% speedup.
> so for me thats 140% speedup :)

2.5 seconds is 140%? I can try a more minimal setup, but I think we
should be concentrating on the normal case.

> > Oh, and we get
>> 62 AVCs from SELinux in the process. What's the point of this again?
> for that, I now have a fix.

Got code? I'm interested in how much time is lost in the audit/setroubleshoot
logger logging the AVCs.

>>> - how would this be useful for the case where facilities that are 
>>> provided
>>>   are determined at runtime (say, NetworkManager providing $network 
>>> instead
>>>   of /etc/init.d/network, or $remote_fs being provided by either 
>>> rc.sysinit
>>>   or /etc/init.d/netfs, depending on configuration).
> yep, tbd
> >>   Similarly, you may
>>>   want a meta-dependency for 'authorization available', which would be
>>>   at different times depending on whether or not you're using local
>>>   passwords, KRB5, etc.
> yep, tbd
>>> - does this work with dbus system activation?
> yep, tbd
>> I also don't see how it handles either of these.
> Which system does fullfill all of these requirements yet?

None, yet.  But from looking at the prcsys architecture I'm not sure *how*
it would do any of those - it seems to be designed in such a way to make that


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