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Re: Fedora Offline Package Manager (RUM) version 0.0.1 released

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
I hereby announce the release of the Fedora Offline Package Manager (RUM) 0.0.1.

You might want to consider renaming this. Rum (though not actively maintained) is a yum based program that existed before your project and it is not very courteous to knowingly start a new project with the same name and cause name conflicts if we want both the old rum and new rum in the repository.

If you are interested then you can read more about it at

This is a beta release and offers the following features:

1. Profile management:
  a. Exporting the profile of the local system.
  b. Importing the profile of another system.
  c. Deleting existing profiles.

I am not sure I understand the need for profiles.

2. YumPack creation
  - Although I have tested this to the best of my ability, I would
appreciate if you could try to create new YumPacks and verify whether
the dependencies are being correctly resolved.

Do you have any documentation on creating yum packs?

To install package(s) from a YumPack, you would need to untar the
YumPack, which is essentially an uncompressed Tar archive, and use
'system-install-packages' to install the RPMs as you would normally

Why uncompressed? Do you plan on GUI integration of yum packs to system-install-packages directly? Is there any integration with Presto?

I would appreciate if you can provide a rpm package for testing. Thanks for working on this.




In 09/10/2005 05:53 AM, I send a mail to Paul Nasrat and Seth Vidal the following mail without any response.

subject: Yum package archive


Here is an idea for a tool that would create a yum package archive which is basically a set of RPMS and its dependencies into a bz2 or gzip tarball that are not in Fedora Core itself.

Use case 1:

I would like to send distribute XFCE for Fedora Core 4 to a friend who is on a dialup connection and a I am running Fedora Core 3. Now I have to figure out XFCE all its dependencies from Fedora Extras repository and then burn into a CD and send it off

Use Case 2

A magazine wants to distribute all the Fedora Core 4 updates and users want to update only stuff that they have already installed

A GUI (ideally system-config-packages itself in Fedora) would extract this archive and install all the packages. For the second use case, it would prompt for package updates. It can also have the ability to prompt for the CD/DVD to satisfy dependencies


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