Reminder: Fedora Update Tips

Michael Schwendt mschwendt.tmp0701.nospam at
Tue Jul 17 21:11:12 UTC 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 15:06:41 -0400, Warren Togami wrote:

> Tips for Fedora Package Maintainers when issuing updates.

> 2) EVR Version Problems
> =======================
> Currently F7 uses Bodhi (the Fedora Updates System) while FE-6 uses the 
> legacy Extras buildsystem.  This can sometimes create EVR promotion 
> problems between the distributions.  Example:
> 1) foo-1.2.3-1.fc7
>     foo-1.2.3-1.fc6
> 2) foo-1.2.4-1.fc7 is pushed to F7 updates-testing
>     foo-1.2.4-1.fc6 is built for FE-6
> 3) FC6 version of foo is "newer" than foo in F7, because the FC6 package 
> went directly into the repository while the F7 package is only in testing.

That's only half of the story.

The EVR problems check-script considers F7 Test Updates and still finds
way too many broken upgrade paths. I think there are packagers who don't
know about bodhi yet.

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