rsyslog is in F8

Peter Vrabec pvrabec at
Wed Jul 18 11:56:20 UTC 2007

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
> Peter Vrabec wrote:
>>>>>> It obsoletes sysklogd, so sysklogd in not running anymore and is
>>>>>> erased
>>>>>> after update. Note, that rsyslog won't start automatically. You
>>>>>> need to
>>>>>> do #service rsyslog start,(or restart the box). This problem
>>>>>> should be
>>>>>> solved by anaconda during upgrade from FC->F8.
>>>>> What happens if I upgrade using yum?
>>>> You won't have running system log daemon until you restart the
>>>> system or
>>>> run service rsyslog start manually.
>>> I'd say that since sysklogd is erased, rsylogd should be automatically
>>> enabled and started. Yes, I know the packaging recommendations, but I
>>> think that in this case an exception should be accepted.
>> I agree, but I don't know any nice and secure way we can do it. 
> shipping an /etc/init.d/rsyslog with default options set to enabled +
> service rsyslog start in %post is not OK ?
No, it not :-(. service rsyslog start will always start rsyslog, but we
need to start rsyslog only when sysklogd run before.
>> Since we replace sysklogd in rawhide and rsyslogd will be installed
>> during fresh
>> F8 installation I don't see this is a big problem.
>    You make the assumption that rawhide users will know about the
> replacement and activate rsyslogd manually. I bet most of them will
> blindly do yum -y update <insert your favorite other options here> and
> cry afterwards. Do not assume that they are subscribed to fedora mailing
> lists. Most of them are not. Or at least almost none of those I
> personally know in the RLUG community, to be more correct.

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