Web-Interface for packages in Fedora: repoview, repowatch, something else?

Richard Körber fedora at ml.shredzone.de
Wed Jul 18 13:39:35 UTC 2007

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> That brought me to the question: what are our plans for a webinterface
> for packages? We had repoview in the past for Core and Extras, but that
> was dropped with the merge (likely due to "not much time, not
> critical/not important enough). Will we get it back? Or will Fedora just
> ignore the issue and leave that service to external groups? Or will the
> package database help somewhat in this regard?

To avoid misunderstandings, I want to point out that repowatch is NOT
meant to be a replacement for repoview. In fact it is even prepared to
link directly into a repoview's package description. Unfortunately there
are none yet for FC7. :)

My primary goal for repowatch was to watch several repositories
simultaneously, and give reports about packages that have been recently
added or removed from a repository. A nice side effect is the
possibility to online search for packages.

The drawback of repowatch is that it requires a web server and a
database, while the static pages of repoview can be used anywhere, even
on a DVD.

Best Regards
Richard Körber

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