bodhi hackery and model changes

Luke Macken lmacken at
Wed Jul 18 19:05:22 UTC 2007

Hey *,

So I'm getting ready to migrate our production bodhi instance in the very near
future.  There are a few things I'd like to polish up first, and I also would
like to run by some of the model changes with everyone.

Here is a diagram of bodhi's model at the moment:

Some of the new stuff in bodhi's model now that isn't present in our production instance:
    o PackageUpdate's can have any number of PackageBuilds associated with
      them (the new update form also allows multiple-builds per update).
    o PackageUpdate and Comment objects now have a 'karma'.  Each comment's
      karma can be either -1/0/1, which is added to its corresponding update
      upon creation.  With this data we can eventually mark updates as stable
      once they reach a karma of n.
    o qa_approved will contain the name of the QA person who approved this
      update and qa_approved_date will contain the timestamp.  There's
      currently no code utilizing this field yet, but that will hopefully
      change soon.  I was thinking we could simply check if a +1 Comment is from
      a member of the qa_team, then mark the update as qa approved.

I have sec_approved{,_date} fields commented out in the code until FESCo
approves the mandate for security updates to require approval from the security

So, if we're going to squeeze in any more fields into the model, now would be
the best time to do so.  Any comments/suggestions?

Also, I recently made it really easy to hack on your own local bodhi instance.
I pickled our production database, and threw it in the bodhi mercurial repo;
so if you follow the instructions[0] for setting up your own development
environment, you can easily populate it with all of our production data to
date.  You won't be able to push updates, since that requires moving around
tags in Koji, but you can still do pretty much everything else.

As always, there is much work to be done[1].



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