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Re: resize2fs

On Thursday 19 July 2007 03:45pm, Gerry Reno wrote:
> Can all 2.6 kernels handle doing 'resize2fs' on a mounted (online) ext3
> filesystem?


The kernels shipped with RHEL4 and FC4 are the first ones that can do online 
resizing of ext3 filesystems, but only if that filesystem was created using 
mke2fs (or mkfs or mkfs.ext3) that came with those releases.

Back then, the command to do online resizing was ext2online (which would only 
work on ext3 filesystems, not ext2).  For FC6, that command was removed and 
the functionality was brought into the resize2fs command, instead.  RHEL5 is 
the first RHEL release with that version of resize2fs.

I do not know (I've never bothered to test) if the newer resize2fs can do 
online resizing of ext2 filesystems or not.  I tend to think it unlikely, but 
I haven't actually tested it.
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