Fedora & Sound: an excercise in frustration

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Sat Jul 21 05:24:29 UTC 2007

Dimi Paun wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 00:21 -0400, Josef Bacik wrote:
>> Which kernel was it working in?  Can you boot back into that kernel
>> and have it work? 
> I'm not even sure what kernel that was, yum seems to have gotten rid
> of it already. But since I run an up-to-date Fedora, that shouldn't
> be hard to determine. I know 3228 broke it, which kernel was before it?
> But beyond that, the reason I post to this list is that I feel this
> is a deep problem that has to be looked at. I've been using Red Hat
> since version 4, and the last Fedoras have been more flaky than any
> other.

As a Fedora developer I'm sorry to hear that Fedora is not working well for 
you. We would really like to fix this, but we need good quality input for this.

As much as your sound not working may suck, sending inflametory mails to the 
list doesn't help much.

Please file a bug against bugzilla, including which kernel worked and which 
didn't, and lspci -vvn on both.

As for your other problems, the same goes please file bugs with as much detail 
as possible and reproduction instructions.

Most Fedora developers are very busy, so your bugs may not get the attention 
they warrant, but the chance of developers keeping your mails (with incomplete 
description) to later take a look at the problem is 0.

Thanks & Regards,


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