please enable XFS in anaconda

David Chambers davidc at
Thu Jul 26 23:25:45 UTC 2007

On 7/26/2007 4:07 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:32:30 -0500
> Dan Yocum <yocum at> wrote:
>> It's stable, widely tested, widely deployed, and 
>> it's being actively developed and maintained (which is more than can
>> be said of some other filesystems that remain in the default list).
>> It's in the kernel, it shouldn't be "hidden" in the depths of
>> anaconda anymore.
> How's the SELinux support these days?  And why can't I boot from xfs
> yet?
Back in the old Red Hat Linux and FC2-4 days when I had more time, I
seem to remember that Grub fully supported XFS.  I could make all the
filesystems XFS and I could boot just fine from them.  Nowadays, I have
less time, or I'm lazy, and just accept the Anaconda ext3 defaults for
the system partitions.  I still store all the important user data under
XFS, though.  I haven't lost a byte to XFS yet.

Can't comment on SELinux, don't use it :-) :-)

I agree with Dan.

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