KDE 4 Beta 1

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 16:07:57 UTC 2007

2007/7/29, Chris Brown <snecklifter at gmail.com>:
> Hello Mark,


> I maintain only one fedora package and have found that a steep
> learning curve - this is an entire desktop environment. so "have to"
> is an interesting phrase. This depends on a variety of factors, not
> least that there is no further slippage in the release schedule. KDE 4
> will get into Fedora, no question, but hasty malformed packages for 8
> are, IMHO, counter-productive to such an important release and if it
> is delayed until 9 please be assured that is in the best interests of
> both the KDE and Fedora projects.
> Cheers
> Chris

Well the first upcoming release for Fedora 8 is Test 1. it's not a
test to be as stable as possible (would be good but not expected).
unstable packages are allowed in test 1 because it's a test release.
and you will get alot more feedback about kde 4 if you can get them in
fedora 8 asap (so in test 1). but i might be just a little to happy
about it because i would like to test out KDE 4 in fedora ^_^

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