Meaningless name

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Fri Jun 1 16:16:12 UTC 2007

Josh Boyer wrote:
> If you're referring to migrating Windows users, even they realize there
> is more than one program to accomplish the same task.  Think of AIM,
> Trillian, ICQ, blah blah blah.  Or McAfee vs. Symantec.  Or IE vs.
> Firefox.  Hell, even Microsoft doesn't label IE as "Web browser" (which
> is another bogosity we do but one thing at a time).

But they chose "Internet Explorer" for the product name which is a very 
functional name, and IMO a much better name as it really does more than 
the web (FTP, etc).

While the AIM product recently got renamed to AIM, it was initially AOL 
Instant Messenger.  Instant Messenger, not Pigeon or some non-functional 
name that users wouldn't understand immediately.

Norton Anti-Virus is another great example.  McAfee VirusScan.  The 
actual product names are all functional names.  Don't confuse company 
branding with the product name.

X-Chat is a product name and is not a functional name.

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