fedora for ARM

Lennert Buytenhek buytenh at wantstofly.org
Sat Jun 2 03:29:55 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I haven't been active on this mailing list since 2004 or so, so let
me (re-)introduce myself.

I'm Lennert Buytenhek, and I live in the Netherlands.  As far as
open source contributions go (other things I've done probably aren't
very interesting), in the past I have written an ext2 resizer (called
ext2resize), contributed ext2 support to PartEd, rewrote the bridging
support in Linux 2.3.something, hacked on User Mode Linux, and a
bunch of other stuff, and these days, among other things, I am
occasionally seen hacking on ARM Linux kernel Things.

Recently, I produced an unofficial (but-seems-to-work-all-right) port
of FC6 to the ARM architecture (after having ported FC2/3/4 to ARM in
the past):


The current set of diffs[*][**] is available for inspection here:


I'm posting here because I would really really like to get the relevant
diffs merged back into Fedora.  I believe that ARM is well-supported in
the various upstream projects that Fedora packages, and so this should
be a relatively painless process (if you look at the diffs referenced
above, most diffs are actually only spec file changes to cope with the
addition of a new architecture.)

I'll follow up with a mail with thoughts about secondary architectures.


 [*] Some of which were produced by Russell King (ARM Linux kernel
     maintainer) or Ralph Siemsen (Netwinder project.)

[**] NB: not necessarily the same set that we'll end up submitting
     for inclusion.

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