[Fwd: Fedora Core 6 Update: lftp-3.5.9-0.fc6]

John DeDourek dedourek at unb.ca
Sun Jun 3 12:06:35 UTC 2007

Peter Gordon wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 11:04 -0300, John DeDourek wrote:
>> The attached announcement for lftp, version 3.5.9, release 0.fc6
>> was received yesterday.  However, my yum.log file on my FC6 box
>> shows an update to lftp.i386.3.5.9-8.fc6 on Apr 13, 2007.  Yum
>> did not update lftp today (May 31).
>> I am confused.  What have I missed?
> It's probably a mishap with the update notifications or your mail
> server. The notification lists a date of April 4, which means this is
> nearly two months old and can be safely ignored so late after the fact.
Ah yes.  I guess it was a late update notification.  However, not a 
mishap on my mailserver.
I read the update announcements at RedHat's site:
And this
is listed as a May 30 update notification.  So I guess it was their mail 
server (or other)
mishap. :0)

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