CDs from DVD with Pungi almost works

Paul Wouters paul at
Wed Jun 6 17:30:04 UTC 2007

On Wed, 6 Jun 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> At the bottom of
> which is
> linked to on the front page there is a link to
> At the bottom of that there is

Just a small note. As I was trying to compose my own set of packages,
and (obviously) doing something wrong, I noticed that pungi somehow,
somewhere, decided to use my system's yum, instead of through the config
file specified with -c. I know, because my own system includes Livna,
while my /etc/pungi/ has no mention of livna whatsover (and I don't
want/need it on my own spin)

So for testing I created /etc/pungi/f7-fedora-minimal.i386, using the
minimal.manifest and overnight that did successfully build the entire
tree including ISO images. I haven't had time to debug my own package
set configuration yet, I am picking that up later today.

Revisor looks like an interesting tool, though it adds another laywer
of confusion by using/needing its own pungi files, and comes with a
disclaimer that you can only build for the arch that you are currently
running (unfortunately, I am running x86_64 and need to build an i386
iso). I am not sure why this requirement is in revisor.


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