The updates firehose

Bernardo Innocenti bernie at
Sat Jun 9 20:28:41 UTC 2007

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> I'd rather have the updates available as rpm's than have to switch to building
> a package from source, if there is an update I want.

Very true...

> Is it possible to provide meta data to yum with some sort of indication
> of what the update does. Maybe a choice from Security, Critical (e.g.
> data loss) bug, Bug fix, New features. Then you could tell yum to only grab
> security and critical bug fixes if you didn't want to download lots of
> updates.

You want something like the "urgency" attribute of debian packages.
In my opinion, it belongs to RPM and not yum, but I'd second the
idea in general.

   // Bernardo Innocenti

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