The updates firehose

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Sun Jun 10 00:56:53 UTC 2007

>>>>> "QS" == Quentin Spencer <qspencer at> writes:

QS> It doesn't bother me too much if some 100K package is updated
QS> every week, but it seemed to me like was updated
QS> 5-10 times during FC-6.

But also consider that is one of our high-profile
applications, and that bugs in it affect a significant portion of the
user base.

I think that most of the updates we're seeing are:

1) New packages.  We're burning through the review queue but we still
   have hundreds backlogged.  All of the packages that are built for
   F-7 will generate an update announcement.

2) Updates to packages that, frankly, almost nobody has installed.
   Yes, there are a ton of updates, but we have thousands upon
   thousands of maintained packages.  Most users who run the regular
   update tools simply won't see the vast majority of these updates.
   (People who install everything, however, get what they
   deserve/explicitly requested.)  It just looks like a massive amount
   on the mailing list.

One useful bit might be to use a different notice for new packages.
That way you can look for "security" first, "new package" to see if
it's something that interests you and ignore everything else.  We
might also elect to give people a list that just gets security update

 - J<

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