To Require yelp or not to require yelp

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Sun Jun 10 14:56:48 UTC 2007

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> yelp comes with a dependency chain.  In the case of dia, adding a dependency 
> on yelp (whether directly or indirectly if the dep is in some gnome lib 
> packages), that right stuff would result in the need to additionally install 
> yelp, desktop-file-utils, docbook-dtds, fedora-bookmarks, firefox, 
> gnome-doc-utils, libXt, libbeagle, nspr, nss, openjade, opensp, scrollkeeper, 
> sgml-common, and xml-common.

I think your example is a great one.  Do we really want to force an app 
like dia to pull in all this crap just to use it?  Do we want to 
basically force everyone that uses a GUI to install firefox and 
libbeagle?  nspluginwrapper is going to be a requirement of the browser 
stack soon.  XULrunner is going to come with an additional set of 

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