Fedora and Cross Compiling

Brendan Conoboy blc at redhat.com
Mon Jun 11 21:51:52 UTC 2007

David Woodhouse wrote:
> I see you've actually pulled in glibc sources and you're using them in
> the gcc build. I was trying to avoid that.

Yeah, it's nasty but necessary until you have binaries for your 
dependencies.  Hopefully gcc will split out all its support libraries in 
time such that it isn't necessary.  Meanwhile, it's only a problem for 
arches that the build system doesn't already have a glibc for.

> I suppose if we can depend on having a sysroot populated with
> appropriate glibc-*.$ARCH.rpm packages then the bootstrap approach isn't
> _so_ bad, but that might be a lot to expect of yum/koji.

It's an area of the build system that has to be extended for cross 
compiling to work in general.  Making the cross compiler build is but a 
small example of the general case.  There are plenty of packages which 
have multi-layer dependencies.  The build system needs to resolve those, 
installing the packages into the sys-root for the cross compiler to 
compile and link against.  This falls to the build system because it 
would be silly for each and every package to have to do that itself.

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