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Tue Jun 12 03:24:08 UTC 2007

2007/6/12, Christopher Aillon <caillon at>:
> Till Maas wrote:
> > On So Juni 10 2007, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> >
> >> But there are always bugs.  Are we going to fix every one?  We need to
> >> fix the important ones.  I don't think that pulling in every latest
> >> version is important enough against a release.
> >
> > When an update that fixes an not very important bug causes a lot of work, e.g.
> > a new python version, than imho it is worth waiting till the next release.
> > Also, when there are no bug reports from Fedora users, than imho it is also
> > ok to delay an update. What does a maintainer gain when he maintains an old
> > version of a package in one release and a newer one in another instead of
> > maintaining the same new version in both releases? Also there are cases, when
> > a user cannot easiely upgrade to a new release, e.g. all zope users cannot
> > use Fedora 7 afaik, because there is no Zope in Fedora 7 anymore. And last
> > but not least it is also depressing to fill bug reports, when they are
> > ignored.
> I never said ignore them.  Respond timely.  Fix with discretion.  Users
> for the most part are willing to accept that not every bug is going to
> be fixed in the current version.

Are you really sure on that? Its atleast not true for me.

Actually one of the reasons i sticked with fedora back then is to have
a recent system. if it again starts to stall it will result in me
replacing half the system again with my own selfbuilt packages which
is basically the state i had 5 years ago. It would also open a reason
to actually start a 3rd party repository again to get things fixed
that are just stalled.

Basically i think that fedora should really reflect the current state
and that we have systems like yum-presto in place that prevent users
from downloading that big amounts of updates which is relevant for low
bandwidth users.

Personally i still find a few things here or there that are stalled
and that didnt get any updates since a while (see xchat at
releasetime... see libtorrent/rtorrent etc etc).

i think the amount of updates is rather unproblematic if there is a
proper qa process in place to prevent too many regressions.

If i wanted a more freezed state and backports of fixes instead lots
of feature updates i would definitely use a different distro.

Rudolf Kastl

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