user created at install added in sudoers ?

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Thu Jun 21 09:34:05 UTC 2007

Qua, 2007-06-20 às 20:41 +0930, n0dalus escreveu:
> The benefits you have just listed are already part of Fedora by
> default, and sudo is not needed to get them.


	sudo yum update
	su -c "yum update"

* Which is more user friendly?
* Which is faster to type?
* Does su register the command as well as sudo does?

At least with higher security environments sudo is highly preferred
since you can at least establish a rule that different administrators
don't know the root password and yet they can give authenticated and
registered commands.

If admin user A does "sudo sh" and that is found out in the logs
preserved off-band, he can be punished.

Of course you could do even more strict restrictions, but that's beyond
the point.

I'm actually more concerned that in either su or sudo you now have nice
GUIs that could be easily faked by some trojan-horse.


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