Unwanted RPM dependencies

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 4 19:04:08 UTC 2007

Steve G wrote:
>> I did have a thought on whether there exists a tool that can log/count 
>> file accesses on disk, and then provide reports on used v not used files 
>> that were installed by rpm ? 
> auditctl -a always,exit -S open -F success=1
> (You'd want to the rule to /etc/audit/audit.rules for it to take effect after
> booting.) Then to get the file usage summary report:
> aureport --start this-month --file --summary --success
> There are many attempts to open a file that doesn't exist, so you'd only want to
> get the successful ones. This will take some disk space to record what is
> accessed a lot. I think by default, the audit system will only occupy 32mb. You
> may need to increase that.
Thanks Steve, I'll take a look.


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