Fedora and Cross Compiling

Brendan Conoboy blc at redhat.com
Fri Jun 8 19:32:12 UTC 2007

Oliver Falk wrote:
> Good self introduction. Now we know, that you know what you're talking
> 'bout. :-)

I pretend well, anyway :-)  I'll see if some more folks from my group 
will jump in here.

> True. But is cross compilation really as reliable as native compilation
> is? I'm not experienced with cross compilation... But I think some
> errors will only occur on *real native hardware*...

Reliable?  Sure.  But there are problems unique to cross compiling which 
must be addressed.  You don't want to pull in a host-header instead of a 
target-header.  You also can't run the resulting executables so 
post-build testsuites can't be run.  That said, object and executable 
generation is pretty much the same whether your cross compile or 
natively compile, so you're going to get functionally identical bits.

> I think that's the same as with secondary arches. Yes, there must be
> some team supporting the arch, if it's done via cross compilers or on
> native hardware; But with one difference: The people who are involved in
> the 2ndary arch stuff, might not be very experienced with cross
> compilation; Like me and Alpha for example.

Right- I hope I'm not alienating the folks who want to bring Arm to the 
Fedora fold even if it means native compilation.  New arches and cross 
compiling aren't directly related, but when you put them together 
successfully it's very beneficial, but not necessary.  Still, I bet 
there are more people per capita in the secondary-arch camp interested 
in cross compiling than the primary arches.

> I think for Alpha we will have enough fast machines that can get the job
> done. I don't know about the other arches....

That's handy- how will you bootstrap?

> If there are volunteers for a arch and you have some man power who can
> support the ArchTeam, that would be great - I think. If the arch-team
> doesn't want cross compilation..... Let 'em alone. :-)

I'm picturing more of a CrossTeam with a similar cross-sectional 

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