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To Require yelp or not to require yelp

Hi all,

2 days ago I got 4 bugs requesting me to add Requires: yelp to packages using it for their help system.

So I issued 3 rawhide updates (one bug was a false positive).

However yesterday I received a comment in all 4 bugs to please not Require yelp ?????

See for example:

Well Hurray! Thats just brilliant communication (not). So which way will it be tomorrow?

Hence I'm bringing this issue here for debating, as I don't want to have to keep following the trend of the day in this. Can we please make up our mind on this people?

My 2 cents: I actually didn't have yelp installed and without it the help menu entry of the 3 updates apps didn't do anything, it didn't even throw an error. So I do believe that Requiring yelp is the right thing, as clicking on help without anything happying is a bug in my view.

If OLPC or some other downstream really doesn't want yelp, they should have some other package providing it, call it fake-yelp for all I care. Not Requiring: yelp is not the answer IMHO.



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