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Re: To Require yelp or not to require yelp

Ville Skyttä (ville skytta iki fi) said: 
> > You'd still need the gnome libraries which should pull in the right stuff.
> yelp comes with a dependency chain.  In the case of dia, adding a dependency 
> on yelp (whether directly or indirectly if the dep is in some gnome lib 
> packages), that right stuff would result in the need to additionally install 
> yelp, desktop-file-utils, docbook-dtds, fedora-bookmarks, firefox, 
> gnome-doc-utils, libXt, libbeagle, nspr, nss, openjade, opensp, scrollkeeper, 
> sgml-common, and xml-common.

Surely this is a function call in a common gnome library? gnome_show_help,
or whatever?

Then, that library should require yelp. Of course, I suppose the app
it launches with the help URL is configurable via gconf, so the requires
needs dynamically generated based on the union of all users' current
gconf keys and AAAAARGH.


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