The updates firehose

Steve G linux_4ever at
Sun Jun 10 22:00:55 UTC 2007

>Keep in mind that updates now encompass Core/Extras and *new* added 
>packages.  A better question would be to ask, of the packages users 
>actually have INSTALLED are updates really churning faster now than 

Yes they are. Here's a couple packages that should be rock solid steady that are
being updated *way* to much:

xinetd, tcp_wrappers, bind.

I can cite more, but these should be easily verifiable. The fact that there is a
mad rush to pump out updates says something about the process is broken. Either
the freeze did not let packages that had real problems get fixed, we are not
doing a good enough QA job in rawhide, or people's standards have lowered as to
when to do a release for a stable series.

>Presto would be the next important step to formalize to make the 
>updating process more tolerable to users.

Presto will help download speed, but we still have a problem where too many
updates are being issued in a stable release. Seriously, we need a speedbump to
force some restraint if we don't slow it down. All these updates can cause a
package to get out of sync with SE Linux, which then causes us to rush out a new
SE Linux policy package.


The fish are biting. 
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