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Re: To Require yelp or not to require yelp


> The recommendation there is to have libgnomeui depend on yelp.  Creating
> a virtual provide of HelpBrowser or DocbookXmlViewer in yelp and having
> libgnomeui require that might work even better.
The virtual provides idea sounds reasonable to me.  Would probably
help olpc out.

Actually, I talked with Matthias a bit more about this, and we came to
a slightly different conclusion than before.

The gnome_help APIs already have a mechanism for putting up a dialog
saying "help not available" or some such that apps should (and mostly
do) take advantage of.

We already include yelp in comps.  If the user wants to explicitly
remove yelp to regain some space or whatever, that seems like an okay
thing to do.  If we put the virtual provides/requires in then the user
would have to get some stub package to be able to cleanly drop yelp.

It doesn't matter a whole lot either way, but I guess if we think
about help as an optional feature, then we shouldn't put the Requires
in libgnomeui.


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