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Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-JUN-11

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Buildroot contents for updates ==
* The buildroot used for fedora 7 updates building is not self updating. It only contains things from f7-gold, and stable released updates. This means that one update candidate cannot be built against another update candidate without rel-eng interaction. We haven't been very vocal about this yet, and it isn't documented anywhere.
 * Do we want to adjust things or leave them be?
 * See IRC log for discussion points
Decision: Talk to lmacken about modifying Bodhi to do a sanity check on published buildroot contents before allowing an update be pushed. After that we will make the dist-fc7-build buildroot auto-update with -candidate builds and see what happens.

== Expand Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ==
 * f13
* rel-eng has more and more people helping out so we want to make sure that things are well documented * Infrastructure team started doing SOP/ pages (Standard Operating Procedure) and they are proving very useful. I'd like to start doing them for Release Engineering too * thinking of ReleaseEngineering/SOP/<task> as the layout, the SOP page itself could be a list of pages and info on how to add an SOP * Proposal: As a release engineer, as you do tasks for Fedora, check to see if there is an SOP/<task> page. If there isn't, create one and poke rel-eng folks for review.
   * This is more of a mandate than a vote item.

== Early Torrent Release - Rahul Sundaram ==
 * explore possibility of doing early torrent releases.
 * See IRC log for discussion of pros and cons and affect on mirrors
Decision: Investigate with Infrastructure team ways of getting more mirrors to participate in seeding the torrent (early?). Do not release torrent to general public before the agreed upon coordinated release date/time.

== Upgrade path enforcement - Rahul Sundaram ==
* Discussion surrounding policy that upgrade path should not break from a particular point on, for example, after Test1 or Test2--enforced by Release Engineering.
 * See IRC log for discussion details
Decision: Recommend to FESCo policy that upgrade path never be compromised either by removing builds or NEVR regressions. File RFE in Koji to enforce rule at build time

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