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F8devel - user configuration storage locations

A potential goal for Fedora:
Cleanup user settings configuration

For a long time applications creates a {hidden} .mysetting file in the user's home directory, if multiple config/settings under a .myapp/.various files.

I think this should be tidied up by creating a single directory at the users home folder to store all setting/configs that apps make.
- The folder should not be hidden.
- It should have a default text file indicating that it contains hidden files that store settings for installed applications.
- It should be well named: configuration | config | application_config ?
- All packages to use this folder

I see some problems:
- breaks FHStandard ?
- every app would need to have a one time adjustment and package rebuilt ?

Some advantages:
- not mixing user data folders and application config in the same top level {user home} folder. - less files to read / show / search when apps ask for the home dir file list
- easily move/copy all user configs to backup or a different machine


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