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Re: F8devel - user configuration storage locations

On 6/13/07, David Timms <dtimms iinet net au> wrote:
A potential goal for Fedora:
Cleanup user settings configuration

For a long time applications creates a {hidden} .mysetting file in the
user's home directory, if multiple config/settings under a
.myapp/.various files.

I would hate this

I think this should be tidied up by creating a single directory at the
users home folder to store all setting/configs that apps make.
- The folder should not be hidden.

I would hate this even more

- It should have a default text file indicating that it contains hidden
files that store settings for installed applications.


- It should be well named: configuration | config | application_config ?

seems unnecessary

- All packages to use this folder

good luck with that

I see some problems:
- breaks FHStandard ?
- every app would need to have a one time adjustment and package rebuilt ?

You make that sound trivial

Some advantages:
- not mixing user data folders and application config in the same top
level {user home} folder.

I guess that's based on your point of view. These are user specific
configurations, which I consider to be part of my user data

- less files to read / show / search when apps ask for the home dir file

I'm sorry if Gnome's dialog shows you everything by default, but some
of us use KDE, and it doesn't do that, so that's a non-issue

- easily move/copy all user configs to backup or a different machine

cp -a ~/.*


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