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RE: F8devel - UI "responsiveness" improvements

I would also like to ask for a progress bar so when the packages begin to
install that it shows the percentage of each package being done.  This way
if you're a newbie or oldie you will know for almost certain that the
packages are not the culprit of stopping the install.  My instance on Fc7
was this:

I had installed Office Productivity, Software Development, Web Server when
it got to package 817 which was Open Office it just hung but we didn't know
what it was doing so I just let it sit for a couple of hours when it didn't
go any further I did a reinstall took out Office Productivity and it worked
like a champ and I just did a yum install for the packages I was missing.


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I'd like to suggest a goal for future Fedora of ensuring every 
application / task performed with Fedora actually provides user feedback 
at a minimum 1 {one} second interval.

- anaconda between go-ahead with install and first package installing 
{especially noticeable because the {boring} X screen saver kicks in. You 
then move the mouse to get the screen back - but there is no update to 
the screen for maybe one minute or more.

- pup during an update run with about 30-40 packages. It took nearly an 
hour. Each time an app covered its windows they may not have been 
redrawn for some minutes.

I have no idea what causes these.


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