Official presto repositories for Rawhide

Jeremy Katz katzj at
Mon Jun 18 22:11:47 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 17:31 +0300, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> I would like to request the creation of presto repositories for Rawhide.
> I believe the yum-presto plugin has moved into (at the very least) a
> late beta when it comes to stability, and Jeremy Katz has done some
> great work in making deltarpm deal with multiarch correctly.
> The presto repository creation tools probably need to be looked over,
> but I think it's time to start creating "official" deltarpms if we're
> going to make it into F8.

Yeah, this is definitely something we want to start looking at.  The
question is where in the process does it make sense to generate the
deltas.  Do we do them in the build system (the koji level)?  Do we do
them in the update system?[1]  Do we do them at tree compose (mash)
time?  Each has tradeoffs... not sure which is really the best.  I'm
pretty sure whichever route we go, we need to go with something that
preserves the deltas and likely at least stores them in the koji store
(with info about them in the kojidb).  Perhaps similar to how signing

At the same time, I think we should sit down and look at how presto is
doing things on the yum side to simplify things a bit.  I think that if
we get rid of the concept of a separate standalone delta repository, we
can just make it so that there's a (simpler) XML file to parse with the
delta information and then just add it to the repodata with
modifyrepo[2].  Then, we can also get rid of the duplication of repo
code presented by the PrestoRepository class.  I've been trying to get
to mocking something up, but keep having other things come up and steal
time instead.  Hopefully tonight/tomorrow...


[1] The downside of the update system is that it then isn't being used
in rawhide.  Which I strongly suspect we want at least for testing, even
though it sort of makes less sense there.
[2] Much like is done for the updateinfo.xml

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