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Reduction of Fedora releases

In an effort to make Bugzilla easier to use, we've been experimenting with not 
creating new versions of Fedora for every test release.  Reason being is that 
the typical response to a bug filed against a test release is a request to 
duplicate it with the current development package set.  It also makes it 
harder for a user to find dups of a bug they're about to file if they have to 
search through N testN versions.  Instead we're asking all bugs encountered 
in test releases to be filed against devel.  (yes you may still get asked to 
repro with current devel packages, but at least the bug will be assigned to 
the right release then).

I didn't communicate this experiment clearly last time around and an fc7test1 
bugzilla version got created.  We're killing that and moving all the bugs to 
the devel version.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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