The need to re-detect usb-storage devices (on resume and on-the-fly plugging)

Michel Salim michel.salim at
Fri Mar 23 17:35:55 UTC 2007

I use an external hard drive with my laptop, that is detected and
mounted fine (unless HAL and selinux-policy are out of sync) if
plugged in at boot time. If I plug the drive after boot, or after
resuming, the device node is created properly, but
gnome-volume-manager does not register the device and has to be
mounted manually.

Does gnome-volume-manager currently make a distinction between
internal and removable devices? It would make sense to assume USB
devices are removable -- sometimes I'd forget to manually unmount a
drive before suspending, and in an ideal world this should happen
automatically (not sure which subsystem's task it is to do so). Right
now, the laptop would resume with the device node still there (e.g.
sdb, sdb1), and the device still "mounted" but not accessible, and a
new device node is created (sdc, sdc1).

Which Bugzilla component should this be filed under?


Michel Salim

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