hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

Bernard Johnson bjohnson-dated-1172832473.ba5e95 at symetrix.com
Mon Mar 26 21:27:22 UTC 2007

I was working on finding/reporting some bugs with the hplip package and
noticed that there was no menu entry.  Knowing that a graphical program
with no menu entry wasn't the norm, I was about to file a bug, except
when searching for a duplicate, I came across this:


mclasen at redhat.com:
"We don't give free ad space to HP on our menus..."

I find that to be both an interesting and hypocritical comment.  Please
someone tell me how:

1) HP provides free GPL software for controlling and printing with their
printers.  100% opensource.  Yet we remove the menu entry because that
would be advertising.  (And when I say 100% opensource, I mean there is
code, not a binary firmware blob or such b.s.)

2) RealVNC is a company that has a product called VNC.  They provide a
opensource version of the product that is included in fedora.  This
program gets free "advertising space" on the menu including the VNC
logo, which AFAICS is identical to the company logo except the word "REAL".

3) And the in F7, there will be CodecBuddy
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureCodecBuddy) which will
direct users to the Fluendo Webshop (https://shop.fluendo.com/) to
purchase proprietary codes when they try to play media that they do not
have a code for (http://hadessuk.blogspot.com/2007/03/totem-news.html).

Hey, I'm all for these type of convenience settings, but fair is fair,
but the hplip: hp-toolbox menu item back on the system menu.

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