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Re: Yum-presto (deltarpms) ready for testing.

Jonathan Dieter wrote:

So yeah, I'm curious.  Have you managed to do your update yet?  If you
have, what kind of savings did you see?

The yum transaction failed with a unsigned gpg key error. Turned off gpg key check and reran yum. Yum showed it was downloading 400+ MB but proceeded to use the rpms build in the cache by presto in the previous run. However it ended up showing now savings at all in the presto log. You might want to check how the plugin is handling failed gpg checks.

Did a fresh installation again with the default set of packages. Turned off gpg key. Ran yum install yum first followed by yum update. Here is the presto log.

Download Size (without DRPM),Download Size (with DRPM),Percentage Savings,Total Percentage Savings

Pretty good savings and the system seems to be functioning as expected in my limited testing. At this point it might be useful to put the plugin in the repository atleast in the devel branch and get more mirrors using the drpms for wider testing. We should consider having this plugin enabled and installed by default for Fedora 7 release.


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