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Re: Yum-presto (deltarpms) ready for testing.

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 19:41 +0800, Hikaru Amano wrote:
> Any chance for presto to be used together with reposync from yum-utils??
> I'm maintaining a repository within my university LAN ... the network
> is "evil" (2MB size limit for http post/get, only post/get port 80 and
> tcp connect port 443 allowed) ... I managed to get through the size
> limit and used reposync to sync my local mirror with updates,extras,
> livna and rawhide for my frens and new users..
> having reposync with presto will surely help in this case ..

I've never used reposync, but maybe I should start using it rather than
the half-baked script I'm using now.

If you're asking about using presto for mirroring rather than updates,
I've put a little bit of thought into it and would like to have
something up and running soon.  We don't have the bandwidth to
continually mirror updates+extras, but we can put a few days into the
initial mirror and then use drpms for the updates.


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