Announcing Fedora 7 Test 4 (6.93)

José Matos jamatos at
Tue May 1 17:11:34 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 01 May 2007 05:26:25 Jesse Keating wrote:
> All our system config tools are GTK.  The installer is GTK.  Our
> applications like gnome-power-manager and NetworkManager and smolt and
> etc.. are all GTK.

  If you referring to GTK in the sense of look and feel, this is is odd. I 
don't consider GTK to be Gnome the same way that I don't consider qt-based 
applications to be KDE.

  I reserve that classification to a closer integration with the desktop, 
AFAIK this is not the case of the system-tools. :-)

  We are not in the nineties anymore. ;-)

> Our work went into GDM to improve login experience.  Our 
> Fast User Switching is designed for gnome.  I can go on and on.  These
> aren't bad things, they're just the way they are.

  OK. Nevertheless they are small comparative advantages of GNOME related with 
KDE in Fedora. :-) That is why there Fedora KDE users after all, we are not 
masochists, you know? ;-)

  Notice that the point that Kevin stressed remains, public relations are 
important and you words can be placed out of context quite easily. :-)
Things have been improving a lot, and nowadays I can notice that I am using 
Fedora no matter what the DE I am using (even on XFCE FWIW) and that is more 
visible to me than the differences between the DE's.

  So even if I understand what you mean the communication is important and 
believe me KDE in Fedora feels like Fedora, and sometimes this seems a 
difficult message to pass, both inside and outside Fedora. :-)

José Abílio

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