Announcing Fedora 7 Test 4 (6.93)

chasd chasd at
Tue May 1 21:43:12 UTC 2007

>>> My recommendation :
>>> Fedora 7 Base Install ( CD or DVD )
>>> Fedora 7 Base Live CD ( also installable )
>>> Fedora 7 KDE Live CD ( also installable )
>>> Fedora 7 Inclusive Repository ( network Installable )

I tried to answer certain questions with each part of my suggestion

What is in it ?
What does it do ?
What media is it on ?
<CD or DVD>

>> Nobody but technical people will follow what "base" or "base install"
>> means, let alone "Inclusive Repository".

The word "base" is too technical ?
I agree "Inclusive" is maybe not the best.
I was attempting to indicate that all of the listed spins was included.

> As "standard" has a well known, non-techie meaning of something
> default or some reference that you can compare other similar things to
> (i.e. the gold standard)

Standard works for me, it is roughly synonymous with "base."
It is better than " " which was the ongoing suggestion.
" " doesn't answer anything.

> Fedora 7 World DVD (with everything you can cram on a DVD and more)

"World" makes me think that's what I need if I want extra language  
For me it doesn't say "All possible applications for Fedora"

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