F7 Zope package

Jonathan Steffan jon at fedoraunity.org
Sat May 5 08:25:45 UTC 2007


I want to make it perfectly clear I was involved with trying to progress 
Zope (and thus python 2.4) support in Fedora 7. For reasons outside of 
my control, I requested the packages be removed after what I would call 
lengthy discussion with people more knowledgeable then myself. In no way 
did I not try or not offer potential solutions. I get the feeling from 
reading this thread there is a sense I didn't do everything in my power 
to get Zope supported. Please know I did try. The issue is not a 
packaging issue, nor (IMHO) an issue with Zope itself. The issue is 
including python 2.4 support under the Fedora name or not. There are 
plenty of workarounds we could discuss but I find it more 
meta-discussion then not. If a "workaround" is eventually needed for 
current Zope users, each user will end up doing their own solution and I 
have no idea where that is going to leave things. The point is that 
there is no planned support for python 2.4 in Fedora 7 and thus I needed 
to remove the packages from the build system. I invite Zope/Plone users 
to express their desire to have support but I think I have already 
fought the battle to the best of my abilities and feel any further 
action on my part is futile.

Jonathan Steffan

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