F7 Zope package

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Sat May 5 17:45:07 UTC 2007

Denis Leroy schrieb:
> Michael Stahnke wrote:
>> On 5/5/07, Till Maas <opensource at till.name> wrote:
>>> On Sa Mai 5 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:
>>>> How many kenrel 2.4 releases has there been since kernel 2.6 came 
>>> out?  Why
>>>> should anybody support kernel 2.6 if kernel 2.4 releases are still
>>>> happening?
>>> Afaik it is not possible to use 2.4 and 2.6 kernels at the same time, 
>>> but with
>>> python there seem to be no technical problems, so these two issues are 
>>> not
>>> really comparable.
>> Doens't slackware ship a 2.4 kernel and a 2.6 kernel in their release?
>> Also, I think this only cements the feeling that Fedora is for
>> developers, not users.  When I talk to other Linux users, they say
>> "Fedora was great, until I found something that listened to the
>> end-users much more."   As a developer, I love Fedora.  As a user, I
>> feel like many items that are pointed out are ignored because it means
>> developers have to do something.
>> I am not trying to start a flame-war, but please remember, we develop
>> to serve users, and they are very important.  If they want/require
>> zope python 2.4, we should try to accommodate them; otherwise it's a
>> 3rd party repo job and will show that Fedora is also incomplete.
> My feelings also.

+1 from here, too

> I mean if it's technically possible to package clean 
> compat python 2.4 packages, and we have competent community members 
> willing to do it, i don't understand why we shouldn't let them...

Well, we need a clean break now and then, as we end with a big and
unmaintainable mess with lots of compat packages otherwise. So I can
understand the intention to not ship something like compat-python -- but
I think it's to early for that.

So my vote is to ship a compat-python24 for F7, but tell everyone that
we won't do that for F8 and later. That gives developers like those from
zope half a year time to prepare. I think that's only fair.


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