KDE SIG can use your help

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Sat May 5 21:17:20 UTC 2007

Ahmed Kamal wrote:

> Just hypothetically if we do discover that over 70% of Fedora users use
> and choose KDE over other desktop environments, like the opensuse user
> base did. Then perhaps KDE should be treated as a first class DE as much
> as gnome if not more! I understand redhat likes Gnome on its Enterprise
> products, but nothing should be stopping fedora from choosing KDE, or at
> least putting both on equal footing. It's hard to argue, but I always
> get the feeling KDE is treated as a second class DE.

The only thing unequal about DE footings in Fedora is the # of folks
working on each.  Just so happens, a lot of Red Hat employees are paid
to work on gnome, and I'd venture it outnumbers those @redhat working on
KDE.   NOTE: Red Hat != Fedora.  Nothing wrong with that.

Having been focusing most of my attention on Fedora's kde packaging, I
haven't had all that much spare cycles to work on the task of soliciting
help/contributors to the KDE cause on Fedora.

My roundabout point is... If you want Fedora/KDE to be better, then *do*
something to make that happen, like joining the KDE SIG,
contributing/maintaining kde packages, providing feedback, etc...  We
certainly could use all the help we can get.

Free punch and pie for all who attend the next KDE SIG irc meeting!
(not that you have to wait till then to contribute anything...) :)

-- Rex

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