Selinux and package guidelines

Till Maas opensource at
Sun May 6 19:14:41 UTC 2007

On So Mai 6 2007, dragoran wrote:

> but it would be better to clean up before aproving a package (if a
> selinux expert is needed cc one in the review request)
> we should do something like "works with selinux enforcing ->no please
> fix first" during the review

Please update the documentation about selinux and packaging[1] first, 
currently, there is not much help to allow e.g. execmod for a file in a 
package. Without proper documentation, your demand seems not to be very wise 
to me.
Also does rpm not support a packager very much to use selinux afaik. When one 
needs two extra files and more than 15 lines of scriptlets for only making 
some files "textrel_shlib_t", it is not much helpful. Imho something like

%textrel_shlib_t /path/to/

in %files should be enough, because it contains all the information that is 
needed (the lib should have textrel_shlib_t) and everything else can be 



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