[OFFTOPIC] bedwetting.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Mon May 7 11:43:07 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 13:12 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Quoting the first paragraph of my mail, which contains the real message:
> "I'm getting very tired of these generalism's of you. Most of us are not just 
> volunteers, but even hard working volunteers. Terms like packaging monkeys, and 
> dumping, are not nice descriptions of, and show no respect for, all the hard 
> working people behind Fedora."

Please don't make assumptions about whom I respect. The inference you
have drawn is simply wrong.

> But as I tried to already make clear by quoting the first paragraph of my 
> previous mail. The SELinux guidelines is not why I responded, the reason I 
> responded was the tone of the mail, and more general the tone of your mails in 
> general. Please quit calling valuable volunteer contributers as "package 
> monkeys", and stop accusing them of "dumping stuff onto other people". 

I can just about deal with the fact that some people are thin-skinned
enough that they choose to take offence at the term 'packagemonkey' even
though I've never used it (to my knowledge) to refer to any _specific_
person other than myself. I think those people should grow up and stop
being so quick to take offence, and I think they're part of the diseased
and evil culture of political correctness which blights our society --
but I try not to be too harsh when they whine about it. As I said, I'll
use a different term if someone can think of anything as succinct.

It's certainly not a term which implies disrespect. It's a term I apply
to myself, and it's a term I would apply to others I respect too -- but
only if I respect them _enough_ that I trust them not to take gratuitous
offence at it. :)

Over the years, I have been _massively_ impressed by some people who
meet the 'packagemonkey' description -- with their willingness and
ability to embrace tasks which are beyond their (initial) capabilities,
and the speed at which they learn. Or with their knowledge and skill in
areas _other_ than the package in question. You are utterly wrong to
assume that it's a term of disrespect. It isn't.

That's bad enough -- but to object _also_ to the phrase 'dumping the
work onto others' when that's a _precise_ description of what often
happens with SElinux issues is beyond the pale. I am extremely
disappointed to find that a sensible technical discussion can be
hijacked by such political correctness gone mad.

Please desist -- or at least take it off-list; either with me if you
must, or preferably with your therapist.


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